Got Questions?


Why should I use Barking Lot?

We group dogs into two play areas to ensure safe, compatible play. We separate dogs into two play groups based on temperament, size, age and personality among other factors. Every dog is assigned a primary playgroup.

We actively manage our playgroups to engage the dogs. We hold special events and themed days to provide even more fun. Just like camp, our daycare schedule is structured to provide specific times for daycare tested toys, snacks, walks and even nap time. Naps are key to manage the arousal level of the playgroups and to give each dog some “quiet time.”

What services do you offer?

We offer many additional services to pamper your pet. These include bathing, nail clipping, gland expression, and more; for your conenvience, we have an in-house groomer at your service. You can send your dog to the spa while at they are at daycare, or you can come in and bathe your dog yourself while we provide the supplies and take care of the clean-up.

What is a Half Day and what is a Full Day?

A half day is less than 5 hours, and a full day is more than 5 hours.

Do you offer Daycare Packages?

Yes! If you anticipate that your pup will be playing with us on a regular basis, we have 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 day packages which are discounted by 10%. Check out all the details on our Services page!

What are your Hours of Operation?

Great question! Here's our current hours of operation.

Sun: Closed
Mon - Fri: 7a - 6p
Sat: Closed

Is there anything else I should know?

We enjoy getting to know your dog better with each visit and have an internal process to share that information across our team. If we notice any behavior changes, we will share that information with you and can adjust your dog’s activities. We strive to exceed your expectations!