Why Daycare is the best thing for your puppy!

As a puppy parent, we want our puppies to grow up to be the best they can be, right? We
picture our puppies being able to play with any dog, have manners, and be well-behaved. Although obedience training is a great tool to ensure this, there is a secret ingredient most dog-parents don’t think about:

Socialization is so incredibly important in a puppy’s life. You would never expect an isolated human baby to interact with adults if it was not taught how to do so properly. The same goes for puppies! Here at The Barking Lot, we are very fluent in puppy socialization.
Puppies can come to The Barking Lot as early as 12 weeks of age, and we have chosen that time for two very important reason. Firstly, safety is our top priority, and at 12 weeks marks the time when your puppy can receive all his/her vaccinations. Secondly, 12 weeks is the beginning of an important period in a puppy’s life where they undergo physical and mental changes. We call this stage of development ‘The Socialization Period.’ Physically, a puppy’s motor skills mature enough to allow active interaction and reaction, perfect for playing. Mentally, the nervous system matures, which allows the puppy to learn more effectively and precisely. Basically, the socialization period is a puppy’s perfect time to learn everything they can, so it is incredibly important to expose your puppy to EVERYTHING, so they won’t have issues when they are grown adults. Many social problems with adult dogs’ stems from improper use of The Socialization Period. A dog can develop a fear of loud noises because of that one time you and your puppy were strolling down the sidewalk and an 18-wheeler drove by. If you have not corrected that behavior by going through that event again, but on a more positive note, then your dog will always be afraid of loud noises. Same goes for dog-dog interactions. If your puppy has never had a social interaction with another dog, they will never learn how to be socially accepted, or how to be a dog!

This is where The Barking Lot comes into the picture. We have created a fun and safe environment for your puppy to become fully socialized and learn how to be a dog! Our Dog Care Assistants pride themselves on supervising and monitoring dog play so that it always remains positive, creating the perfect atmosphere for our dogs to feel comfortable and most importantly, to have fun!