Why You Should Never Give Your Dog Rawhides

Rawhides are the number one most purchased dog treats. But, did you know that they are also the most dangerous and potentially life threatening?

It’s sad, but completely true. 25% of dogs that have digestive blockages from rawhides die. Unfortunately, the process of making rawhides is just awful. Rawhides are a natural product, but the processing is what makes them toxic.

First, rawhides start from the hides of animals, usually cows. The hides are chemically treated with preservatives to survive the journey from slaughter-house to tannery.

Once at the tannery, the hair and fat residues need to be cleaned from the hide. So ash-lye solutions and sodium sulphide liming are used. Ash-lye solutions can be harmful and even fatal if swallowed! When sodium sulphide liming is combined with an acid, like stomach acid, it can produce hydrogen sulphide, which is highly toxic. (Yikes!)

Following the de-hairing and de-fatting process, the hide is split. The top portion goes to the leather industry and the bottom part is used for rawhides.

Next, the split hyde undergoes an intense cleaning process to remove the rotting smell and to preserve it. They use hydrogen peroxide, bleach and even formaldehyde.

To make rawhides look and smell edible, the cleaned hyde is rolled, cut and shaped using glue for the adhesive. Paints, dyes and synthetic flavours are added to increase palatability and look pleasing for you, the owner. For those ‘vet-approved’ ones, adding in some dental chemicals make them even more pleasing to you, and more expensive!

Even labels on rawhides are scary. You can find ‘Choking Hazard’ and ‘Swallowed large pieces of rawhides can cause blockages in the esophagus and other parts of the digestive tracts. If not removed they can lead to death.’

How is this happening? How does this get past the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)? Well, the FDA isn’t even involved because rawhides are a by-product of leather, not food.

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